В конце апреля состоялась свадьба замечательной пары – Алины и Влада.
Банкет проходил в отреставрированной усадьбе, в которой некогда жил известный белорусский аристократический род. Там же, на территории усадьбы, состоялась трогательная церемония регистрации.

Одно удовольствие снимать свадьбу, в организации которой принимаешь непосредственное участие!

Организация свадьбы – Студия свадеб 1+1

стильная свадьба минск москва весна апрель май


С 29 июня по 3 июля буду в Варшаве. Есть пара свободных дней для красивых Love Story!

свадебный фотограф минск москва

Фотограф в Варшаве, лав стори, love story

This photo got a Fearless Award, one of the most prestigious international contests among wedding photographers. There are thousands of entries in every collection and only few percent win an award.

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свадебный фотограф москва минск брест

A very stylish European wedding of a wonderful couple.

Dima and Vika know quite a lot about wedding photography because they are engaged in photography and video filming, so I was especially pleased when they chose me as their wedding photographer. I had a chance to shoot weddings in different cities of Europe and Baltic region but in Brest it was for the first time.

It was sunny and warm as in summer though it was actually fall.

The bride was getting ready in the Hermitage hotel. A touching wedding ceremony and dinner party were held there as well. The guys didn’t think only over their wedding looks but they created looks for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Dima and Vika cared about every detail which made their wedding so special.

Assistant Alexander Korobov



It’s such a pleasure to shoot the wedding which you are helping to organize!

Alex & Polly know each other since school and they’ve been together for several years. The wedding party was a real fun!

The wedding ceremony was really very beautiful and touching: the guests just couldn’t help crying. The dinner party was full of different activities. The first dance became the highlight of the program. The guys love “The Mask” movie, so they’ve got an idea to make their first dance based on this movie. A lively dancing flash mob right after the first dance became a pleasant surprise for everyone.

Organization – Wedding agency 1+1



свадебный фотограф брест минск москва

12-13 апреля в Минске состоится мой мастер-класс по свадебной фотографии.

Помимо теоретических вопросов ведения бизнеса, будет практическая часть в виде фотосессии пары. На примере этой съемки я покажу, как отбираю и обрабатываю фотографии. Обязательно подробно отвечу на все вопросы участников МК.
Вся информация основана на моем опыте в условиях наших реалий.


свадебный фотограф стокгольм

In June, 2013 I had a chance to visit Stockholm and to shoot a very nice couple. I managed to shoot them and to walk along the old streets of the Swedish capital.

Masha and Sergey have been together for a long time and they’ve lived in Sweden for several years. It happened so that Masha was getting married being already pregnant but this fact didn’t stop or impede us. On the contrary, we shot not only a great engagement and wedding photos but also some great family pictures “expecting baby”.

On the wedding day the guys planned their route in such a way that all the guests could have a walk in Stockholm, sail on motor ship and do sightseeing.