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NYC family photoshoot of Lisa and Vova. Lisa, a famous beauty blogger, known as Lizaonair, has a YouTube channel with more than half a million subscribers. Vova works in IT sphere and helps Lisa with her blog. It was interesting for me to get to know their story of success, how they work and do their YouTube blog. The guys are very friendly and cheerful, they have a cat named Misha (Mishelle), who took part in our family photoshoot as well.

Lisa and Vova are going to be parents soon, so the guys wanted so much to cherish and save this wonderful period of life. We walked along Long Island City parks and quays, talked, took pictures and had a delicious dinner. We had a great time!



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This summer I was shooting a wonderful family of Sergey and Masha. I shot their wedding and engagement in Sweden several years ago. Since that time Maya and Liv were born.

This time we met with guys at their home where I started taking photos and got acquainted with these cute girls. Then we took a walk in the town, laughed and had a great time together. I really wanted to reflect a very special and warm atmosphere of that day in my photos.



Not so long time ago I shot engagement of two wonderful guys – Ivan and Marguerite. A lot of memories and events in their lives are connected with France, with Paris to be precise, as it was in Paris where Ivan proposed to Marguerite, that’s why our photos acquired some French style and chic.

We decided to show their acquaintance and one day from life: we rode the motor bikes, merry-go-round, walked and have photos with air ballon. It was a real fun!

In fact, the couple and their guests saw the final version of slideshow only at the wedding party.

To watch slideshow in HD, please, press HD button and go to Vimeo. Don’t forget to turn on sound!

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I represent Belarus in photo exhibition “Peoples’ Friendship” in Moscow with my photo of Sasha and Sasha.

There are 15 countries-participants from the former USSR in that Exhibition and I’m glad to be among of them!

More information you can find on the offical site of exhibition.


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One more Fearless Award for the photo you can see above. This is one of the most prestigious international contests among wedding photographers. There are thousands of entries in every collection and only few percent win an award.

You can see the whole collection at the official website of the award:

My profile at the Fearless Photographers site:

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I’m so deep in love with spring… It’s time when everything blossoms, and nature revives and makes us feel happy with its bright colors and sun. I guess that’s the reason why my own wedding was organized in May.

I like to walk a lot and feel joy because of sun and warm weather in spring, and it’s a great pleasure if you can do this together with such funny and sincere guys! I have a feeling that I could shoot Ann and Eugene a whole day long cause it was so easy and interesting in their company.


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As for me, San Francisco has always been one of the most desired cities to visit in USA.

Many travelers admit that it is not so greedy as Las Vegas, not so fussy as New York, but, on the contrary, resembles some European city, relaxed and friendly. It’ s a city of big bridges, old berths and colorful houses.

SF is located on the West coast of the United States and is washed by water from three sides. The combination of the cool water of the Pacific Ocean and high temperatures in California leads to a quite changeable water and fog. Once we saw how the weather changed for several times in a day.

By the way, when we were shooting with Vadim and Galya it was raining in one part of the city and sunny in another. Guys live there for a long time so it was curious to get to know them and their stories.



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Great news!  My photo of Nastya and Lesha’s engagement won in International contest of wedding photographers and operators WEDLIFE AWARDS 2014!